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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  April 1, 2017 6:00am-6:54am EDT

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breaking news this morning out of southwest philadelphia. crews pull a man from a collapsed row home. we're live at the scene with the story. plus, a family tragedy. a son finds his parents stabbed inside their home. one victim is dead. we'll have the latest on the investigation. we are clearing up. there's a live look towards penn's landing. the rain is starting to move on out of here. we'll let you know when the best day will be to get out and enjoy some sunshine. the sun will return and
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soon. we'll get to that in just a moment. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. first alert meteorologist krystal klei is tracking the wet weather and tracking a bit of a warm-up, eventually, coming. krystal, fill us in. >> yeah, that's right, eventually. today is going to be one of those situations where you're happy that the rain has come to a close, but you're a little sad when you look out the window and realize the sun is not going to show itself, quite yet. here's our radar and satellite view. it's cloudy out there this morning. we've got some drizzly, kind of misty conditions outside as well. and notice the green on radar. i know there's not a lot, but we're talking some spotty, light rain that's going to pass throughout this morning. the good news is, it's going to pass throughout and then what's going to happen, we're left with mostly cloudy conditions, no longer rainy conditions. all of that bulk rain we saw, that's moved on off to the northeast of us. we don't have to deal with i anymore, once we get through these morning hours. i would say around 10:00 to 11:00 a.m., the latesteali with
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rain, and from then on out, it will be drying conditions, but not clearing conditions y throuh of today. right now, temperature about 40 degrees in philadelphia and millville, 41 in wilmington, 38y this morning, it feels colder than it truly is. in fact, it feels like about the low 30s over much of the i-95up. so it's chilly this morning, it's damp, and still a little rainy. things change today and get even better by sunday. so we will track weekend and beyond, coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. thanks for that, krystal. we'll see. now to breaking news out of southeast philadelphia. a row home collapse leads to a rescue overnight. now a man is in the hospital,ve. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live along yocum street with the details on what happened here. >> reporter: one man injured inside this row home as it collapsed overnight. emergency crews have more or
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less cleared the scene. a few remaining as they investigate this building collapse near 61st andwoodland in southwest philly. neighbors are telling us they actually heard the building come down early this morning. one neighbor told us, they even heard that victim screaming for help. that's when they call eed 911. the 59-year-old man was taken to presbyterian hospital in stable condition. parts of the home actually fell into the street. neighbors calling police, rescue crews actually had to clear a lot of debris. some of the neighbors told us, this area does have adone build. >> and i looked out my back door, and i seen sometfferent, like, that house collapsed. >> they've been working on this abandoned building for a while, but nobody knew nobody was down there, you know? >> reporter: unclear exactly why this row home came down. during the spring time, we do often see structural issues, especially during some of the older buildings in philadelphia. we had a lot of rain last night. that can contribute to the issue. investigators working right now
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to figure this out. we're hoping to get an update from them shortly. for now, we're live in southwest philly, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 1. new this morning, police investigating a deadly shooting in north philadelphia. this happened at 2nd and westmoreland street around 1:00 this morning. police describe the victim who was shot as a man in his early 20s or rather his late 20s to early 30s. another shooting in north philly brought police to the corner of 22nd and toronto street just after 2:00 this morning. investigators there tell man shot in the leg somehow managed to walk to temple university hospital. we're working to find out more details on otherims.os this weekend, loved ones and philadelphia police are searching for answers, for clues in the stabbing of a couple. yesterday, a man discovered his critically wounded at their home in point breeze. nbc 10 was on south 19th street last night, where police were still gathering evidence from the crime scene. investigators say someone stand
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the husband and wife multiple the wife is dead. a friend of the victims' tells us she ran into the couple's son just hours before he made the discovery. >> we hugged and he asked how my family was doing, and i said, how was his family. and that was it. >> when you seen him, you seen her. they always together, always happy. >> it's heartbreaking. >> police say it does not appear that there was a break-in at the house. as we mentioned, the husband remains in critical condition. the gunman wanted for shooting into the parking lot of delilah's club in philadelphia is now under arrest in camden county. lawrence mitchell is facing weapons and fugitive charges in south jersey. he soon could be extradited to flchld philadelphia to face more charms. he's accused of opening fire from the upper window of a building under construction in northern liberty on monday night. the bullets hit a pickup truck in the delilah's parking lot.
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nobody was hurt. investigators are calling this a random shooting. let's head now to bucks county where prosecutors will seek the death penalty for the couple accused of killing 14-year-old grace packer. prosecutors made that announcement yesterday in jaco waived his formal arraignment on homicide, rape, and related charges. grace packer's dismembered body was found in the woodsestern pe october. according to investigators, her adoptive mother, sarah, watched sullivan act out a sex/murder fantasy they shared. sarah packer has pleaded not guilty in the case. today in camden county, se for twin 7 nonld gir-month-old s died eard frnds are invited to a viewing prior to the funeral in clementon later this morning. yesterday, the county medical examiner ruled that th died of . according to authorities, their mother called 911 saying the girls were unresponsive in their
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crib at the family's apartment in lindenwold. a source telba girls were born months premature. today in bucks county, a public memorial service will be held for legendary cb wes the service is set for 2:00 this afternoon at the school's auditorium in doylestown. pettine led cb west for 33 years, notching a string of state titles and undefeated seasons. his son, mike jr., became a successful coach in his own right. mike pettine sr. died last month at the age of 76. the man who created the iconic rainbow flag to symbolize the gay rights movement has died. gilbert baker passed away from natural cause he sewed the original rainbow flag in 198. it has since come to represent inclusion and safety for the gay years old.orldwide. 6:07 right now on this saturday. coming up, injured seals are washing up onerho
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beaches earlier than ever, and that's putting a squeeze on the local rescue center that saves them. still ahead, why it's happening and how plus, putting your best phi still monthse time to save some your registration. we've got those details, next.
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welcome back. , rsting with that live look again, sunrise at 6:45 this morning. still dark right now, butou loo closely here, roadways are wet. and that's not just in cape may, that's all across our viewing wd yesterday from overnight, through friday idayafternoon, a the evening. this morning,ng starting to break down. but everything is still going to be damp, as you get out the door this morning. we've got cloudy conditi o there.
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there's some light rain passing across chester, berks county into the lehigh valley. and actually, even in areas that it's not picking up green, i think there's some miss miting there this morning. i ran int into the station, which is in bala cynw cynwyd. we're looking at conditions that are much better than yesterday, but we have not entirely dried out yet. here's what e through the rest of the day. 49 at noon. maybe some peeks of sun, especially late afternoon. but we're talking mostly clouds through, getting to about the low 50s this afternoon in the philly area. through the suburbs, close to the low 50s. pe 50 degrees through the lehigh valley. still some rain that's passing through this morning.rsey the shore, just cloudiness this morning in the low 40s. and then take a lo. a about the low to mid-40s for high temperatures in delaware. that tad cooler in new jersey and the shore today. tomorrow, a big warm-up, though. we'll look more closely at your sunday, coming up. >>krystal.
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online registration is now open for the philaderace is set november 19th. runners who do sign up for may 31st will get a discount on their registration fee. you can also register for other races that will be happening during marathon weekend. just go to the nbc 10 app for some more information. before the marathon this comes broad street run this ay,ay 7th. the only place to watch it from start to finish is right here on nbc 10. 6:12 right now. coming up, injured seals are ea coast and that's making the job of the jersey shore rescue center even more difficult. we'll explain why the center is now asking for your help.
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there's trouble in the ocean, and it's creating a ripping effect, so to speak, at dedicated to rescuing sick and injured marine bary any room le because the stranded seals keep turning up. we get therybc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter, ted that came from virginia. >> reporter: seals turning up putting a squeeze on brigantine's marine mammal stranding center. >> the past two pretty busy. >> reporter: this gray seal found on a beach now recoverin bites from a young great white shark. >> one of the tthe bone. >> reporter: the creature among eight gray harbor and harp cent which is quickly running out of room. some came from sealsou are turn sooner than normal. experts say that'sik unusually winter. >> some of the southern places
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don't have tags, b donse see th of seals coming in. >> reporter: this empty tank is the only one still available in the icu, so at this postraing c anymore seals from out of state. >> we have to amals that are still coming up in new jersey. >> reporter: the stranding center has enough food to feed these animals, but the seal surge is still dring costs. >> we really rely on donations, especially when times are tough right now, with us filling up on animals left and right. >> reporter: this harp seal readto on monday. >> that's one less we have to worry about. >> reporter:ing w season likelye ing a couple more months, the available space here might not e greenberg, nbc philadelphia is playing a role in the white house discussion of sanctuary cities spicer responded to a skype question from philadelphia radio host, randall jefferson.
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spicer said the president finds it uncentenniacceptabletiesike philadelphia are becoming havens for undocumented immigrants, putting lives at risk. take a listen. >> failure to can have tragic consequences for all of our citizens in all of our country. it's particularly concerns in a cities like yours in philadelphia, where there's bee not have a direct response to spicer's comments, but city officials did issue a release, comply with federal authorities. they say their safer non-sanctuary cities and that they do not help dangerous criminals. in other news thi washingto university settlement, done deal. yesterday, a judge ave which pr trump will pay $25 million to people who sued him over his e . the decision ended nearly seven years of legal battles. commerce claim they were misled byum learn
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success in real estate. the president has maintained he did nothinlag ers say the stude get at least 90% of their back. for now, the senate intelligence committee is rejecting a request fexchange f former national security adviser, mike flynn. senate and house committees along with the fbi investigating flynn's possible ties to russia the 2016 presidential election. flynn should ask for immunity and thathit excuse for big election loss by media and dems of hisc proportions. senate leaders chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell will address other top issues with moderate chuck todd on nbc's "meet the press." that comes your way at 10:30, right here on nbc 10. with the russia investigation and the mike flynn controversy, critics contend that president trump's agenda ha has taken a few hits lately.
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tomorrow morning on "nbc10 @ issue" which follows "meet the press," we'll be talking to a longtime republican strategist who has served under former presidents about what trump's next move should be. we'll also take a look at how a new initiative of his could affect your wallet. >> and actually, what trump has been -- president trump has been talking about, really, a tariff on imports. so if that's 20%, then the avocados in the store are going to go up by 20% or pretty close to it. tariffs tend to get passed on directly to the consumer. if that's part of tax reform, it's going to hit your pocketbooks. >> we'll also talk with two of the stars of the hit nbc show "this is us." join us tomorrow morning at 11:30 for "nbc10 @ issue." >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> with a look at our first alert radar, just as expectede it's moving out, as we speak. the center is moving off of oury
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conditions, damp conditions, and just some light rain that ising morning. it will continue to linger.atch areas, some misting, some 10:00 11:00 a.m., and this is not going to be at all a heavy rain. nothing like we saw yesterday. still, with those gray conditions and the moisture in place, it's going to be hard for the puddles that are along roadways to really evaporate much, although we will start to see some change throughout the day. temperatures, take a look. it's kind of a chilly start out there this morning. we're starting in berks county, reading at 38 degrees. sinking spring at 37 degrees. and we continue to the lehigh valley, about the same. allentown at 36. and walnut, 36 degrees. so you get out the door this morning, a little breezy, as well, especially if you're in areas north. it is going to feel around freezing or even a little below, as a result of the cool air that's now filtering in. and our new jersey neighborhood, just slightly better off. pitman at 38.
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mullica hill in the low 40s at 43. we're at 39 in lumberton. florence, 39. and hopewell township at 37 degrees. again, it actually feels closer to about 32 degrees, and these are in areas where yesterday, we had 1.5 to 2 plus inches of rainfall. don't expect slick spots because the temperatures are a little above freezing, unless you're in the northern-most zones of our viewing area. here's the hour-by-hour forecast. we've got the clouds, it moves the rain off to the east. some spotty rain off to the west. that's going to continue, very light in nature here. there's 8:03 a.m. you can see, very spotty outside. then we go from 8:30 through 10:30. most of the rain is out. we still have cloudiness and i do suspect as we start to get into the late morning to early afternoon, the clouds may thin just a tad, so we're talking br sunshine that are peeking through your c overall, still gray, still damp, but not rain for our d t get ou and do stuff, you certainly can,
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you just mayre aittle damp, sti from yesterday's rain. but again, we're lkiyre improving, as we move through today. so, here's the ten-day on . spr morning, look at the temperature, though. only up to 53 degrees in philadelphia. as we get into tomorrow, we're sunny. 61 degrees for the forecast high. beautiful end to the weekend. that's the day to get outdoors. as we go into your monday, most of the day is dry around 60, but in the evening, we start to pull back in showers. more steady rain possible tuesday. and yes, again, we get a break wednesday, before showers pick back up thursday, friday. the first home game for the phillies on friday could see some rain. >> we'll be fgers that it's not a washout or anything. all right, thanks, krystal. > up, this massive firtrouble i. next, what we're learning about the three men accused of setting the fire. plus, a piece of famous wit
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three people in custody in connection to this fire that caused part of an atlanta highway to collapse. all three are homeless. those people is the one who set the fire. nobody was injured in the fire causing a traffic nightmare. to repair. back here in our area, as bk where it belongs more than 40 years after it was stolen from a south jersey home. yesterday in center city, the fbi returned the painting to the owners, the grant family. here's the story. it was turned in by dealer who had it hanging in his kitchen, thinking it was a copy. owner robert grant of cherry hill paid artwork after damaging it while playing pool. it was stolen from his family's 1976. damage from the pool game helped them identify the worth $1 million
6:27 am
more. what would you do? wed t it back on the wall, right? wouldn't sell it? > adults who want to go back to college to finish a degree. holg a college fair called "don't be school." of course, today is april fools have their transcripts evaluated, and meetrtner colleg. the fair will also include workshops on budgeting, interview schools, collarships, de dialling with student loan debt and more. the college fair runs from 10:00 this morning to 2:00 this afternoon. fur interested in going, go to the vonl building at the college of philadelphia 6:27 right now on this saturday. we're keeping an eye on some ea's row home collapse. one man was trapped inside. nbc randy gyllenhaal is live at the scene. >> and rosemary, just finished
6:28 am
chatting with fire officials here. they tell me the victim was nexthow firefighters worked against the clock to get him out. and we're looking at 50/50 weekend here. today, a gray and damp forecast, but tomorrow, a sunny and warmer forecast. we'll look at more details, neighborhood by neighborhood, including along the jersey shore. here's a live look outside cape may.
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like real delicious honey and real oats. okay that's still honey. huh, there we go. we're back to honey again. who's directing this?that. try new very berry cheerios. the taste ea right now today, row home collapsed. we are following breaking news out of philadelphia and a live report. we'llthe test on the rescue of a person trapped inside this collapsed house. epipen problems. why the tool may not work and how to know if you have one of the defective o out. you may see some rain showers this morni, clearing.
6:31 am
here's a live look down the shore at cape may. unfortunately, though, the rain will re.ill be the best time to get outdoors this weekend. i don't know what happ t' here. we'll get more on that in just a moment. go i'm rosemary connors. tracng those dark, dank this conditions out there this morning. not the best of days,stal >> yeah, what is that? it's april showers, hopefully expecting a lot of may flowers in this are tracking rain, the first day of april. of rain in our ten-day w more forecast. you can take a little peek at now. here's what we're looking at radar and satellite currently. good news is, nothing like yesterday. if you have plans on this saturday, you're actually going to beo do them outdoors. it's not going to be a warm, sunny day, but it's not going yesterday.
6:32 am
we've got cloudiness out there. we've got some lig rain along our western zone zones, and wha going to happen,contue to slowl along through our morning. and by 10:00, really the light rain should stop altogether. there's still some mistiness this morning, but again, that start to boost up those temperatures. and this system continues to kind of swipe along from west to east. so, here's where we are right now. these are live looks outside through our neighborhood. sun just starting to peek through, although you really can't tell because of the cloudy nn a 40 in philadelphia, 36 in parts of our suburbs. upper jersey and partsvall, loww in parts of delaware. what's going to happen today, we'll see about a get into the afternoon. but by tomorrow, we'll add another 10 degrees. we'll look more closely at the change from gray saturday to sunny sunday coming up in a few minutes. >> looking forward to that. thanks, krystal. now to that breaking new
6:33 am
on in southwest philadelphia. that's where crews saved a man from a collapsed row home. nbc 10's gyllenhaal is live on the street on yocum street. qui quiet there now, but a very busy morning. >> reporter: i just finished chatting with fire officials who tell me this was actually an homeless man was living inside when the building collapsed. what's happening right now behind me, the heavy machinery has come out as they begin to clear the debris and make sure nobody else is inside. let me show you59-year-old vict taken to the hospital. fire officials say he was homeless, squatting inside this abandoned property when it came down. one neighbor told us they heard him screaming from the debris. parts of the home fell on neighbors called 911. rescue crews even haddig orough him. fire officials tell me that when they got here, they worked in ah the debris and they found the victim in what they're calling a
6:34 am
pocket. >> he was stuck underneath the debris? >> yes, he was. >> the building was a total collapse. the gentleman was very fortunate in the sense that in the collapse, he was found in a pocket. >> i'm told that crews will be out here for the rest of the day, clearing the property, and investigating exactly how this happened. fire officials say o ntributing factors may have been the weather last night, during this springtime in philadelphia, we often see structural issues on sof homes. and of course, it was pouring all day yesterday. for now, we're philly, randy gyllenhaal. >> thanks for that, rand california district attorney seth williams will not practice law while fighting corruption chs yesterday, williams voluntarily suspended his law license. but he says he will stay in office in an awilliams is back in court yesterday to inform the judge that he has a new defense
6:35 am
the d.a.'s former lawyer left the case out of concerns that he wouldn't get paid. pleaded not to bribery and extortion charges. civil rights leader and philadelphia native william coleman jr. has died. coleman graduated from the university of pennsylvania before attending harvard law. he helped to draft the landmark legal case brown v. board that pushed the supreme court to make segregation in public schools illegal. he was also the second african-american to serve as a white house cabinet member and he served as a special counselor for septa. william coleman jr. was 96 years old. and now to a story that we brought to you new at 11:00 last night. new jersey lawmakers are pushing to have a convicted cop killer returned to the u.s. from cuba. joanne chesimard escaped prison in the 1970s after murdering a state trooper during a traffic stop. she fled to cuba and was granted asylum there. two congressmen are now reintroducing a bill that would
6:36 am
require federal officials to submit annual reports on the number of fugitives abroad and what's being done to bring them bal soon be placed at the site of one of philadelphia's darkest days. just yesterday, pennsylvania stat aroved a request for the marker near the move house inia. it was 1985 when police dropped a bomb on the house, occupied by membsmove, to end a standoff. 11 people were killed, were children. dozens of homes were destroyed. students at the jubilee school nominated the site for an historical marker after studying the incident. starting today, lpolice in new jersey will be making a very special effort to catch distracted drivers who either text or talk on their cell phones. it's all part of the state's, you drive, you text, you pay campaign that runs now through . westampton township, cherry hill, ocean city, and north wildwood are just some of the
6:37 am
e enforcement campaign. aiv n at citizens bank out there this morning. doesn't matter, folks are still going to be out and about. this is the s a today's 5k run benefit phillies charities. the run 9:00 this morning. the course will loop from the back. participants will get a pretty neat treat at the end of this. lap around the field inside the friday we welcome home the phillies to u can watch them take on the nationals the friday, april 7th. first pitch, 3:05. our pregame show starts at 2:00 in the afternoon. we'll be bringing you live coverage of the parade of players as well as profiles on catcher cameron rupp and the phillies new broadcaster, john kruk. 6:37 on this saturday.
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next up, expanding the recall. a life-saving allergy medicine may not be working. what you should be look for in your medicine cabinet. we'll fill you in. and the real reason some devices are being banned from airlines.
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the "today" show is coming up next at 7:00. we check in now with sheinelle jones and craig melvin for a preview of what they're working on. good morning, guys. >> hey, there, rosemary. good to see you. >> coming up on a saturday morning here on "today," 14 million people getting hit by morning. this time in new england, with heavy snow new hampshire, vermont, and maine, cape cod also under a high wind warning with close to hurricane strength winds today. also ahead this morning, on the run. pictures emerge of that 15-year-old tennessee girl and her teacher, shopping at a
6:41 am
walmart in oklahoma city. it's the only credible sighting since the teen's kidnapping nearly three weeks ago. then, winning streak over. a stunning defeat for the uconn huskies in an overtime thriller against mississippi state overnight. we are live in phoenix with the recap and a preview for the men's final four, tonight! and dylan's back. we'll catch up about her stint as a full-time mom to beautiful baby boy calvin, her right back to work this morning. those stories and more, when we get started in just a bit on a saturday morning here on "today," rosemary. >> looking forward to seeing you guys and of course, dylan as well. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> all right. see you at 7:00. yeah, i saw d times this past week. she's already looking amazing! here's a look outside in philadelphia. not looking amazing quite yet, i looking backyard than yesterday, because we are no longer dealing with the downpour of rain we saw basically alldy
6:42 am
great, and yes, it's still damp out there, too. the puddles on the roadway when you drove home last night, those are still there. because we had some rain lingering overnight, and we still have a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. so when that happens, you really can't evaporate all the puddles that are on the roadways quite yet. today, we'll start to try to work on that. feels-like temperatures, it is chilly out there this morning. feels like 33 degrees in philadelphia. 32 in pottstown, allentown, 33 in reading, and even mt. holly now feeling below the at 30 deg. that's because it's a little breezy. and it really was just some cooler air that filtered in overnight, now that the system itself is starting to exit. so temperatures today won't warm a ton. they'll be below average. the average in philly is 59 today. we'll be at 53. 51 in the lehigh valley and 52 in new jersey. today, cloudy, but as we get late in the day, some peeks of a possible, not a lot of sun, don't get excited. a lot of sun, that comes
6:43 am
tomorrow, on your sunday, really good forecast toutside. 61 degrees in philadelphia. 58 for the lehigh valley and new jersey at 6 in delaware, up to 62 by tomorrow afternoon. both days will be breezy and we've got more rain to come, as we start your workweek. we'll take a closer look an 10 is a bit. >> all right, krystal. we got a little bit of a day" show. this from our talk h" a stunning upset. the women with the long record out of the final four. those details ahead in sports. horns on their helmets. ostriches don't really stick their heads in the sand. a peanut is not a nut. and a real john deere is actually real affordable. you learn something new everyday. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors..
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is expanding to the u.s. last week, the maker recalled
6:46 am
thousands of epipens inu.s., because of reports that the emergency anti-allergy shots didn't work. the problem could be potentially life threatening. the recall covers epipens distributed from december 2015 through july 2016. for the full details about the app. we have some new details on what led to the carry-on ban fo airports in the middle east and north africa. here's what we know. that terrorists have found a way to conceal explosives in laptops well enough to get them through ves security checkpoints. that terror groups are in possession of and are using designs.creening machines to >> you really look at it, they're finding different ways to put explosives in . people can still put laptops in checked baggage while flying from the middle east to the u.s.
6:47 am
security experts say that's because the devices used to examine checked bags are better able to detect explosives than . get ready to cast. toy i southeastern pennsylvania. anglers can go for the big one in berks, bucs, chester, delaware, lehigh, montgomery, and philadelphia counties. the rest of the state can go fishing in two weeks. today also marks the start of delaware. crews are stocked six designated streams in tusands of rainbow a do do downstate trout. we're starting with a look at your saturday checkl youe ge early, early this morning, you might still want to grab the umbrella. there's some there, especially our northern zones, but if you le in the
6:48 am
morning, probably won't need the umbrella. but you can throw rat you do not need are the sunglasses. today is a mostly cloudy day. kind of gray, a but at least the rain will be gone. as for the winter coat, this morning, it is chilly. you might want to throw that one on. la you might not quite as much need. but we really will be cooler than average. upper 40s to low 50s. go for it. the rain will stop and we're looking at kind of some damp roadways. that's not going to stop youout. temperatures won't be bitterly cold as we make it toserar and the clouds and got some sprinkles out there. that's the little spots of green we nothing like yesterday, and actually, what we're looking at is if we track farther to th re down. so finally today, we are just going to be mostly as i pointed out, you won't need the umbrella. here are ouring. t like i mentioned, it's a little chilly. we've got 30s and it feels more
6:49 am
like low 30s. currently, though, 38, chestnut hill and andorra. 39, and rittenhouse, up to 40. also 40 in torresdale through our philadelphia neighborhoods. then we switch to our jersey shore neighborhoods about the same, 38, mullica township. dennis township, also at 40 degrees. and atlantic city, right now, you're checking in the current temperature. later today, here are your forecast highs. 53 in center city. 51 in lansdale, and that's the same for allentown. mostly cloudy, maybe j of sunshine late in the day. but that's it, really. just about a peek. vorhees, 52 degrees this afternoon. ocean city around 52. although, i think, some spots on the shore may holdupper 40s. and in delaware, mid-50s. we're up to 55, 54 for the forecast in wilmington.hour-by- forecast. here are the cloudy conditions i was talking about with some of those sprinkles near the area, but really that moves on out.
6:50 am
focusing on just the spinning of some clouds as you go through your afternoon hours. om 11:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m., mostly cloudy, but some brief breaks for a little sun to get through on our satu, and that is going to start to help dry up some of the moisture on the surface. notice the clear conditions by 9:30 tonight with an isolated shower out near mercer county. much more sunshine for your sunday. well get to that ten-day on 10, coming up. the streak is over! mississippi state upset top-seeded kentucky on this overtime buzzer beater i four l. the huskies had won 111 straigh of college basketball, under legendary head coach gino from norristown. tough loss. mississippi state will take on south carolina for the ncaa no saturday morning sports. >> announcer: this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity,
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x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience john clark . you've heard this before. more sixers done for the season. insert players' name here. this time, has a similar injury to joe well, slight meniscus tear. he's done. all the knee injuries? >> i suppose you could connect some of those dots, becautrue. to point at some reason that this has happened would be, would be think. but it's just one of those things win mean, i think you go through the sport, our sport, especially, of basketball,ba et think they're quite common. >> men against boys last night. sixers in cleveland taking on quick. justin anderson making contact with lebron james here. the king goes down. little retaliation from kyrie irving, pushing anderson into the bench.
6:52 am
it is on! third quarter now, j.r. smith blocks tlc's three, i don't want to scrub, and takes it down the court for his own the three. sixers lose, 122-105. the forme philly, released by the giants last night, so his career could be over. phillies back home last night. the boys are back in townank pa. the season opener is two days away, monday in cincinnati. and how about the story of brock stassi system ma stassi? making told. he was in tears when he found out and that video went viral. >> i wasn't really able to hold it together. that was just becauseh of my parents didn't answer the phones when i called, so the reporters were the first people i talked to, and once they got in front of me, it kind of all hit me at once, and i lost it. so, yeah. phillies hosted the rays yesterday afternoon leaving florida. the phanatic catching his last rays in clearwater.
6:53 am
clay buckhold, he gives up five runs. in the sixth, phillies down by . so phillies leave florida with a 7-7 tie. flyers, t reid for their final five games. watch here, thursday night, takes a shot off his arm. csn's timpinnaccio reports the arm is broken. flyers have signed mike vecchione, former teammate of sean vestas at union college. he could play possibly sunday night. he said in his heart, he knew the flyers was the right place for him to be. how about great plays from last night. sidney crosby, look at the angle he's shooting from. from the back of the net. how's it going to go in? off the back of henrick lundquist's mask. talk about using your head. that is amazing! what a dunk last night, erin gordon over marcus smart. not a smart move by marcus, gets
6:54 am
it right in the face. wow, good stuff. i am john clark with csn. enjoy your weekend.
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. this morning, students in delaware county are still on
6:57 am
their feet, dancing to raise money for childhood cancer research. springfield high school kicked off its annual dance marathon last night. the teens are dancing for a total of 15 hours. so far, they've raised more than $150,000. you know, dance marathon started at penn state. it's really spread to high schools, grade schools, doing good work out there. >> very cool. and major props to them for that. a long standing dance. we are looking at a forecast today, man better to dance indoors, because it's going to be a little breezy, kind of gray, damp. take a look as we get into tomorrow. we are sunny and pick up that temperature. 53 today, 61 tomorrow. next round of rain, though, is monday night, right through tuesday. and again thursday to friday. >> nice to see those temperatures starting to come up. >> yes. >> that's going to do it for us for now. we'll have updates throughout the "today" show and we're back for a full hour of news at 8:30. have a good one.
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good morning. basketball stunner. one of the greatest streaks in sports history over. yukon women's basketball team beaten in overtime against mississippi ste after winning 11 games in a row, finally a loss. we're live with the latest. texas tragedy. terrifying moments caught on camera right before that fatal bus crash. >> the collision killing 13 people. nearly all of them wearing seat belts. the driver now allegedly apologizing for texting while


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